A Little About Me

Work and personal growth have been a big part of my life.  My first job was at 14, de-tasseling corn.  Upon graduation at the University of Nebraska I moved to start a career.  Picking up and moving for promotions and new opportunities continued for the next 20 years.  At 40 we started a family and remained in San Antonio.  Highlights of my career include personal development, a willingness to learn and to employ new skills.  In 2008 I embarked on a new career as a business owner.

My commitment to learning has been a personal strength I've used to guide my business experience.  Early on I found that acquiring a solid understanding of businesses and people was essential.  Owning a promotional marketing company was a departure from what I had been doing, but at the same time I found my skills nicely fit into this new business You get me at my best when I provide a service where the outcome is promotional products that address a problem or challenge you need solved. 


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