Distinctive Image LLC specializes in offering gifts, recognition and graphic displays with the consultative insight of 30 years of business experience.  Knowing how corporate culture, supervisory interaction, employee motivation, training, and customer service all affect business morale and image helps focus on key areas to foster goodwill and positive outcomes.

Our goal is to create solutions for the customer’s needs, similar to what's listed below:

·         Achievement

·         Anniversaries

·         Appreciation

·         Awards                               

·         Birthdays

·         Business Gifts

·         Company Outings

·         Customer Gifts

·         E-Commerce Services: online stores and fulfillment services

·         Employee Recognition

·         Enterprise Change Programs

·         Gifts and Appreciation Recognition

·         Goal Attainment

·         Incentive

·         Position Advancement

·         Premiums and Incentives

·         Product Introductions

·         Recruitment

·         Reinforce Initiatives 

·         Safety Programs

·         Sales Campaigns

·         Sales Incentives

·         Service Awards

·         Sporting Events

·         Team Identity

·         Thank You Programs

·         Wellness Program